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FYI 10/6 - 10/11

Schedule - Date & Time

Time Line for Wed Oct. 1st Outback with the Beatles Day!!

 Time Line for Wed Oct 1st Outback with the Beatles day!!

FYI and this weekend's info coming on Wed...still waiting to lock in some times, report
assignments, and procedures. Want to get the correct information out all at the same time.

Appreciate your patience and support! Kids are anxious to have you watch them rehearse
and perform! Thanks to all who are helping with this event....lots of work and your time
is appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE: For Outback event the band will be wearing uniforms.

Please bring warm ups (that means bring warm ups) so if rain dares to show ...we have a Plan B. Weather is supposed to be fine. Since we have the opportunity to rehearse under the lights...full uniform will help students with "feel" of an actual performance AND also make for better photo opportunities for parents and friends.

Schedule for Oct 1st

Regular School Rehearsals 6th and 7th periods.

2:00 PM to 6:00 PM Pick up instruments and uniforms at Central Band Room. Students..please help out Kelly & the Uniform Crew with pulling out racks and distribution. She needs the "muscle" and is very appreciative of your assistance.

FYI for Sept 24 thru Band Festival Weekend

FYI for Sept 24 thru Band Festival Weekend

Please make sure to read thru the attachments! They have info about upcoming events and map and times for this weekend's contest!

Reynoldsburg Football Game

The Marching Tigers WILL NOT be attending the Reynoldsburg game this Friday due to safety concerns.  The decision was arrived at after consultation with the Central Administration and representatives from Reynoldsburg.

Since this was the only away game we had scheduled to attend, we will now plan on attending the Gahanna game on Oct 31 @ Gahanna. PLEASE MARK YOUR SCHEDULES NOW.

There WILL BE rehearsal on this Friday from 5:15 to 7:30 PM We will practice with the
banner from 5:30 to 6:30 PM

PTP fees

The following students owe for the SECOND portion of their PTP fees. Their marching numbers/letters are:
B8 G1 G2 C3 T22 B6 B3 C10 SD2 SD1 C12 T14

F12 R12 B2 H4 U6 N4

Please get this taken care of ASAP. Fees can be paid in The Athletic Dept or District Office

FYI 9/8/2014

FYI beginning Sept 8th

I wish I could just report this week's schedules and remind you about Market Day
BUT.....the most important topic is listed below.


Information, attachments, and some type of reminder about the DISTRICT Pay to Participate fee has been in EVERY FYI to date. This week is our first public performance and first home football game. If you have NOT paid or made arrangements with Mr. Aprile's Office by Friday, your student may not march. They are also not permitted to participate in after school practices....not my rule...district policy. I have attached my latest email correspondence from Mr. Aprile's Office

School Policy states that ANY student who has outstanding pay to participate fees to the
school district MAY NOT practice or perform in after school activities. The following students
fall under this category. I refuse to post names...

B8 C11 A7 C10 F8 G1 G3 G5 C1 A4 F9 R11 N1 R14

A5 SD1 CYM1 C12 T28 C2 F13 C7 BD4 H7 U4
C6 A11 C24 R9 (TS) C18

FYI 8/25/2014



Thanks for a GREAT Tag Day! We set a new record! Thanks to all the drivers, helpers,
food donations, water...and especially our kids for all their time! We must have
done something right!! Grand Total as soon as we get final count after expenses!!

Pay to Participate Fees
These need to be paid.

This is not the band fee...this is the participation fee that goes to the District Office. 

We have resent the district information page in the attachments below.

Please check the list posted on Mr. Sewell's office door and talk to Mr. Sewell or
Mr. Stowe if your name is listed.


The Athletic Office at Central can take payments or you can pay your fee at the treasurer's office at the District Office by cash, check, money order or credit card.

Performance Schedule

Attached please find an updated performance schedule for you to make note. This has
all music department major performances listed below.

Congrats to Central Graduates:)

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