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FYI 10/21 - 11/1


Thanks for a great Homecoming show and post game. WE have LOTS of
little things to help make the BIG picture better. I judged in Cleveland over
the weekend and saw some great bands. Dynamic Contrast..properly
executed visuals and drill and DISCIPLINE were key factors to winning
bands. We can do it...but EVERYONE needs to do their part. One person
moving at attention distracts the judge from the 180 + doing it right!

Date               Time and Event

10/21 Mon     6th & 7th Outside rehearsal
                      5 to 7 pm Outside rehearsal

10/22 Tues    6th & 7th Outside

10/23 Wed    6th & 7th Outside rehearsal
                     5 to 7 pm Outside

10/24 Thurs  6th & 7th Outside

FYI 10/10 to 10/18

FYI - lots of info...PLEASE READ and SHARE!


Thanks for your patience as we get info out....wanted to make sure we had all
correct times and plans in place before sending out an email. We know how crazy
it gets when there are 5 at a time.....

Thank you for a weekend of "class"! From the football game through the last note played on Saturday night....we have heard nothing but great things about the band, our students and their behavior, and the festival! Thanks for all your hard work in making it all come together.
WE QUALIFIED FOR STATES!!!....still lots to do!

Thank you for playing "nice in the sandbox" and having a very successful band festival.
They are still crunching numbers, but initial reports look great!

Time Line fo FRIDAY Sept 27th Tigers vs Reynoldsburg!!!

Time Line for FRIDAY Sept 27th Tigers vs Reynoldsburg!!!

Time and Event

5:00 PM   

EVERYONE report to band practice field torehearse halftime and post game.

5:30 PM   

Seniors dismissed to go change and drive to Ridgeview Underclassmen rehearse pregame. Seniors if you can carpool to Ridgeview, that would help with parkingJ Mrs. Sewell will be there to open doors and show you where to change and keep uniforms and instruments.

5:45 to 6:15 PM

Senior parents report to track at stadium – by visiting band stands
Line up and receive flowers.

6:15 PM

Seniors meet families on the track

6:15 PM

Band leaves to march to stadium

6: 45 PM

Senior Recognition ceremony begins – underclassmen
will play Amazing Grace at the end

7:10 PM

Pregame Begins
- Fight Song
- America
- Star Spangled Banner – Soloist – NOT band
- Livin on a Prayer

7:30 PM

FYI 9/25 to 10/5


9/25/13 - 10/5/2013

Pay to Participate Fees

The final deadline for the DISTRICT Pay to Participate fee has come and gone (Fri, Sept 20, 2013). The second half of the $185 payment was due last Friday. To ensure participation, the total MUST be paid at this time.

Payments are accepted in the Athletic Office (614-548-1825)

Senior Recognition Night

We will honor the Class of 2014 and their parents prior to pregame this FRIDAY night (Sept 27th). The ceremony will begin @ 6:45 pm at the stadium. Seniors received a letter at Monday's practice to bring home and parents will receive the same information by mail. Senior Parents, please arrive by 5:45 pm and no later than 6:15 pm so we can organize you and your student! Report to the track on the Southend (where the visiting bands usually sit). Seniors will join parents on the track @ approximately 6:15 pm.

Senior parents, you will still need to pay admission to the game or use your athletic pass. SENIORS ARE FINE! THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PAY! JUST FAMILY MEMBERS.....some of the students were confused!

FYI for 9/15 thru 9/27

FYI for 9/15 thru 9/27

Keep up the good work....time to get all this on the field!
Thanks for your patience with the testing...

Please read closely as some adjustments have been made!!

Date Event and Times

9/16 Mon 6th & 7th Outside - Mambo
2:15 - 3 PM Andrea Armstrong
3 - 3:45 PM Abby Jansen

5 - 7:30 PM Full Band - Mambo

9/17 Tues 6th & 7th Mambo
2 - 3 PM PD
3 PM Dan Edwards
3:45 PM Ryan Olmstead

9/18 Wed 6th & 7th Music rehearsal
2:30 PM Fine Arts Meeting - DO
4:15 PM Dan Saionzkowski

5:00 PM Music Checks - Music of the Night
(Leadership arrive early so we can start on time..)
5:30 - 7:30 PM Full Band Practice

9/19 Thurs 6th & 7th Review Drill and Music
2:15 PM Grace Lukich

9/20 Fri. 6th & 7th Review and go over plans for game
5:00 PM Practice on Band Practice Field then load equipment for football game.
Purple Pants, WHITE show shirt, white shoes, DARK socks....check the weather!

6:00 PM Depart for Lancaster game....Beat those Gales!
11:30 PM Return to PHSC (approx)

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