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FYI 9/9/2013

FYI for 9/9 and beyond:)

Many thanks to all of you who came out and test drove cars on Saturday! It was a fun and easy way to make money....and Mrs Sewell and Haley got to drive a mustang!!! Thanks to all who are the best!

Please pay attention to the following schedule...there have been some adjustments!!! Since it has been getting dark sooner....unless indicated, the eveningrehearsals will be done by 7:30 pm

Keep up the good work...Seniors - get your selections/ideas for senior show into me so we can get to work on a medley!!! Sounds like a great project for Mr. Miller our Student Teacher!!!!

Senior Parents....Senior recognition night is Friday, Sept 27th.. We will be getting info out soon about where you need to be and when....but wanted to make sure your kiddos got that date out to you!

SCHEDULE Dates Event and Report Times

9/9 Mon 6th and 7th Outside - work on Mambo

       5:00 Music Checks Mambo/Amazing Grace

       5:30 to 7:30 Outside rehearsal - Drill Mambo

9/10 Tues 6th & 7th Outside - work on Mambo

9/11 Wed 6th & 7th Inside - Student Assessment

         5:00 Music Check - Light Em UP - Star Spangled Banner

FYI for Band beginning 8/19/2013


Important Band Schedules and Documents

2013-14 Marching Band Season Schedule
****PLEASE NOTE***** Some of these dates are subject to change…We do not have control over cancellations and some events will be added or dropped as the season progresses….This is a starting point and we will continue to have our FYI communications that will always have the most current information.
Summer Rehearsals »

Registration for Breakfast with Santa - Saturday 12/15/12 @ PHSC

2012 Philly Packing List

Check List for Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade Trip!
Hopefully the following will help you organize for the big trip! Check with your roommates or friends to see if there are some things you could share. Always smart to put in an extra towel, hair dryers are included…that way your room will have enough in case you run out!
We will be gone for 4 days with chances for all types of weather…plan accordingly!
What to pack:
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