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New Pictures in the Gallery

New pictures from the Grove City Contest and other events are available in the Gallery. More pictures are coming soon!

Music and Recordings of the Show

If you need to reprint your music or would like to listen to the arrangements, you can go to the 2008 show music to view and hear the songs.

Music Files


Welcome to the New Website.

Most of the site has now been converted and already approximately 50 people have registered for a user account. You do not need to but it is helpful if you do. You will be able to make comments on posts, contribute in the forum (still being designed), and be easily contacted from the website. When you do register, please pick a user name that will help us know who you are. msewell is easy to recognize but reds_fan_57 might not be quite as identifiable. Just a suggestion.

One feature that is new is the Gallery section. Pictures and Videos are going to be easily added by several staff and parents. This will make students and even parents want to login on Friday nights and Saturday mornings just to see if the newest pictures are up. Hopefully it will be a quick process.

I will alert you when new features are added or enabled so check back often during band camp.

Bill Haynes

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