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Thank you for all the support, help, chaperoning, feeding...generally just THANKS
for a Great effort all last weekend! The folks at Denison were so appreciative and wrote
us a very nice thank you for serving as their "house band" for their game! Thanks
to Cal and Laura Miller for having a cool son who made the team as a kicker AND
for all their assistance in pulling off our visit! You guys are simply THE BEST!

Playoff game and all the on field assistance was awesome..yes Mr. and Mrs. Sewell
are excited we are still in the playoffs....Go Tigers!...Sunday was just the icing on the
cake and So PROUD of the kids and all their hard work! Thanks to the Tarp Team
and their fearless leaders for adding the special effects and battling winds and cold. I have
heard back from so many people across the state this week and everyone enjoyed
the show - music, design, the guard & flag colors and our performance! Well Done....

Students ..if you haven't already...make sure to thank Mrs. Tennenbaum for our pizza party!

We have more adventures to come........

Best of luck to our students who are involved with the Fall Play - Picnic! Please
support your classmates...they have put in a lot of time to help make this a
great production! I encourage you to attend...

Time Line for This weekend

Saturday Nov 15th Tigers vs Cincinnati Moeller @ Welcome Stadium in Dayton!
Game time is 7:00 PM

Uniform: PURPLE pants, dark socks, white shoes, white show shirt and LOTS OF
WARM LAYERS! It will be cold and possibly snowing....layer for warmth...Please
remember that your warm under armour/long underwear MUST NOT PEEK OUT
from your uniform! Keep the mystery and keep our look sharp....right Kelly???
Drug Mart has hand warmers on may wear them inside of your white
gloves yes yes....layer with thin out our new members
who have never performed in a COLD playoff game!

Report so you are ready to rehearse on the band practice field at 1:30 PM
That means arrive before 1:30 PM!

We plan on running through pregame and halftime, then pack, pick up uniforms, and
leave by 2:30 ish. Plan accordingly if you need time to prepare your section..
instruments, etc...

Moeller does have a band.  They also will be playing half-time.
we will be performing Pregame and Halftime.

BRING $$$$$$$ for Dinner stop and game.

We are stopping on the way to Dayton atThe Mall at Fairfield Commons (Beavercreek just off of 675). It is enclosed so students will be warm and has a large food court area and other "quick" food places. Bring what you know you will need to cover your expenses...some of you eat more than others:)

These are some of the places at the Food Court:

Panera,  Subway,   Starbucks,   Cajun Ming Dolce, Mio Nori Japan,
Charley, Philly Cheese Steaks,    Chick Fil A,   Gold Star Chili
Pretzel Fest,   Cinnabon,  Popcorn Pizzazz

you to have a chance to eat, but also need to make sure we arrive in plenty of time to prepare
for pregame.

Arrive at Welcome Stadium between 5:45 and 6 PM Unload and get set for pregame.

6:40 PM (approx) Pregame
Game starts at 7 PM

Return to PHSC??? 11:30 we will make sure to have kids text/call when we are on our way!
Thanks in advance to our Boosters and parents for all their help! We can't do it without you.

PLEASE NOTE - The dates for these playoff games and our possibility for performing at them were listed in the Band Hand Book and summer mailings....We continue to march and support the Tigers as long as they advance in the playoffs. Plan accordingly!