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FYI for FEB and MARCH 2015

FYI for FEB and MARCH 2015

We have District Contest fast approaching....snow or no snow and cold...we have some
important rehearsals, concerts, and performances happening soon! Listed below is
the schedule (and dress codes) for upcoming events. Please remember that old
man winter just might decide to mess with us some more...but these are correct
as of Wed, Feb. 25th!! Hang in there...I think I saw a bluebird!

Also please note and work with us....WE CANNOT PROP or in anyother way leave
doors open to the music area. CAN NOT HAPPEN. Rules are being strictly
enforced and as directors, we do not want to have any other administrator have
to deal with this. It is for EVERYONE's safety and the security of the building.
PLEASE HELP US WITH THIS REQUEST. Students...we will need some of you
to be willing to "man the doors" for after school events and loading and unloading
for concerts. Please let us know if you can help us out. We appreciate it.

Date Event
Thursday Feb. 26 Concert Band Trumpet Sectional 3:15 - 4:15 pm

Friday Feb. 27 Wind Ensemble Flute/Oboe Sectional 2:10 - 3:10 pm

Mon. March 2 Concert Band Rehearsal 2:15 - 4:15 pm
                      Symphonic Band Rehearsal 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Tues. March 3 Wind Ensemble Rehearsal 5:15 - 6:30 pm

Wed. March 4 Concert Band Rehearsal 4:30 - 6:30 pm
                       Symphonic Band Rehearsal 2:15 - 4:15 pm

Thursday March 5 Regular rehearsal during the school day. CONCERT TONIGHT!!!
Set up for Concert in GYM 4:45 pm WE need your help!

Wind Ensemble Rehearsal 5:15 - 6:30 pm
6:30 report to: Concert Band - in your seats in the Gym
Symphonic Band report to Choir Room
Wind Ensemble report to Band Room

7 PM Concert Begins! Dress up clothes!
Girls....please watch the skirt length...while you may think you look great..
remember that you will be sitting down facing an audience....just be aware please.

Friday March 6 District Contest at Groveport Madison.

We are performing on the STAGE area.
AS a reminder to everyone...we are visitors at this school and ideally the only
reason they should remember our visit is the wonderful music we will be making
all evening....This is your reminder to leave rooms in the exact condition they
are when you arrive...we will NOT have a repeat of last year. Got it?

Concert Attire for Contest

Men: Black Pants, White Shirt, Black Shoes/socks, dark/black tie.

Women: Black dress, skirt/w White top. Black shoes dark hose (please no patterns)

Again..remember we will be performing on a stage and walking to warmup and sight reading areas....appropriate guys know how we should look...Tiger professional!!!!

The following is the schedule for all 3 bands for Friday.

Concert Band - Report to Band Room @ 3 PM
3:30 Load Busses
3:40 Depart for Groveport
4:00 Arrive @ Groveport
4:15 In homeroom
5:00 Warm Up
5:30 Concert Band Performance
6:00 Sightreading
6:30 Cafeteria/food
8:20 Listen to Symphonic Band
9:10 Load for Pickerington
9:30 Depart for Central

Symphonic Band - report to Band Room @ 3 PM
3:30 Load Busses
3:40 Depart for Groveport
4:00 Arrive @ Groveport
4:15 Put instruments in homeroom and go to cafeteria
5:30 Listen to Concert Band
7:05 In Homeroom
7:50 Warm up
8:20 Symphonic Band Performs
8:50 Sight reading
9:15 Load Busses
9:30 Return to Central

Wind Ensemble - report to Band Room @ 8:15 PM
8:30 Load Busses and leave
9:00 Arrive at Groveport
9:15 In Homeroom
10:00 Warm UP
10:30 Wind Ensemble Performs
11:00 Sight Reading
11:40 Load Busses/Depart
12:00 am approx arrival @ Central


May 1 State Contest TBA
May 7 Memorial Day Concert @ 7 PM (Dinner will be at 5:15)
May 9 Legacy Concert @ Epiphany Lutheran Church @ 6:30 PM
THIS IS A NEW DATE to celebrate 35 years of music with Mr. Sewell
More information to follow.
May 21 Senior/Spring Concert @ 7 PM
May 23 Graduation @ World Harvest Church 9 AM

Solo & Ensemble
Congratulations to all who participated in Solo and Ensemble in snowy January!
Below is a list of our students/ensembles who received Superior (I) and
Excellent (II) ratings. All together students earned 37 Superior ratings and 4 Excellent ratings.

Superior I ratings

Nicole Tontala - Flute, Nicole Tontala - Piccolo, Brittany Katona, Ryan Estep, Jeremiah Oconer, Emily Hardesty, Melissa Elliot, David Ortega, Christopher Wise, Emil Miller, Christian Aborbie, Hannah Waibel, Dylan Clark, Carli Werner, Emily Murphy, Josh Oconer, Dylan Clark (marimba), Josh Harkins, Shelby Miller, Woodwind Trio #1 - Harkins, Taylor, Lin, Alex Newman, Amanda Midkiff, Grace Lukich, Flute Trio #1 - Tontala, Sayre, Waibel Christopher Larson, Colin Babock, Kyle Maycock, Joshua Ackley, Trombone Quartet "the Fab Four" - Brown, Maycock, McCullough, Meek Clarinet Quartet #1 - Safranek, Fugate, Lin, Wang Josh Garcia, Jacob Warner, Chance Hoagland, Percussion Ens #1 - Ackley, Garcia, Hoagland, Miller, Werner Percussion Ens #2 - Warner, Kennedy, Stakley, Peterson, Butzer

Excellent II ratings
Andrea Armstrong, Jillian Conforti, Cheyanne Knapp, Abigail Jansen


Please review your Tiger Band Handbook and look over the attached grading policy. One of the grading criteria is Service Points. Failure to attain service credits will result in a lower grade for the grading quarter. 50 points are required and the list of service credit opportunities is listed below. Forms are available in the band room for
students to fill out and turn in to their directors. We will have an envelope posted on Mr. Sewell's office door.

Service Credit Opportunities
50 points required for 3rd Quarter Grading Period

Service Credits CANNOT carry over from 3rd quarter to 4th quarter

Failure to attain 50 Service Credit Points will result in a lowered band grade.
Those students who take band Pass/Fail will receive an incomplete until their Credits are recorded.

A list of students who have not turned in their credits will be posted 2 weeks before the end of the quarter.

_____ Participation in Pep Band. 1 game = 5 pts 2 games = 7 pts each game
           More than 3 games is worth 10 pts for each game.

_____ Setting up/Tearing down rehearsal room = 10 pts

_____ Setting u/Tearing down for after school rehersals = 10 pts

_____ Tearing down after concerts = 10 pts

_____ Assisting with concert programs (copying/folding) = 5 pts

_____ Copying band music for directors = 10 pts

_____ Taking Private Lessons = 35 pts Please have a note from your teacher

_____ Attending band/orchestra/choir concert (NOT AT CENTRAL) = 25 pts

_____ Membership in an auditioned honors band/group = 25 pts (per ensemble)

_____ Participation in Church choir/band/musical = 25 pts

_____ Participation in Jazz Band = 30 pts

_____ Partiipation in AIDA - Spring musical = 40 pts

_____ Participation in Solo/Ensemble events = 25 pts (for each event)

Student Signature and Date _____________________________________________________________________

Director Signature and Date _____________________________________________________________________


Grading Procedures and Expectations.pdf279.32 KB