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Memorial Day Dinner and Concert - Thursday May 14th

Hello's Mrs. Sewell...bothering you once again! I know you just helped us pull off an amazing event on Saturday...but our senior citizen guests and veterans are counting on us this Thursday!

Kiddos...keep signing up to help with the Memorial Day Dinner....we really need help with serving dinner. If youare in Jazz will be performing in the Commons during this you will be busy!

Reminder: Dress for this concert and serving is nice school outfits...we would prefer no jeans...wear something, white, blue combinations. Ladies...remember you will be sitting on stage and the audience looks up..I have to look out for you one last time:)

PARENTS: I do need some adults who could help with food prep and serving the dinner on the food line once the dinner begins. Food prep is preparing salads, helping with rolls etc....Anytime from 4 PM on there will be someone in the kitchen

Serving begins at 5:30 PM and the dinner will run until around 6:45 PM. Even if you can just give 1/2 hour, it helps. The kitchen staff prefers to have a few adults mixed in with the serving due to the hot food handling. Almost all of the dinner set up and work is carried out by the students.

IMPORTANT: WE will have 2 tables set up on Thursday --one in the Commons, one in the entrance to the PAC --where we will sell the Script Tigers and Block Sewell posters and post cards. I know many have asked to have them out again, and that was our intention. The cost is $10 for the posters and $5 for the postcard size. We will also set out some extra programs, bookmarks, and Tiger Band Resumes in case anyone wanted any extras or missed some at the concert. Since many have asked us, we would like to bring over the portrait too to display. Gotta admit...very weird walking in the living room and seeing a fine work of art on display next to a life size cut out! Ha....

Abbie Caldwell was the winner of our "Take Home Mr. Sewell" raffle...and she is going to be a good sport and let us "put" Mr. Sewell a few more places around school and town before he goes home to visit with her! You all are such great sports and just a wonderful family to belong to....

Let's make Mike's last Memorial Day concert just as special! FYI - Lea Mack Compton is returning to sing with us again! How about that young lady? See why we all followed her to Miss America?

See you Thursday! Mama Sewell