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FYI - 9/27/2016


I'm a little late on the info email, allow me to catch everyone up to speed!

Before I get into upcoming events I want to say, thank you to all the booster volunteers this past Saturday. The trip ran smoothly and I am very thankful for all of your help!

Wednesday night is the Schmidt's Dinner and Marching Band Show. We will start Pre-game at 8:00pm. The location for the event is the Ridgeview cafeteria and Tiger Stadium. DO NOT COME TO CENTRAL FOR THE DINNER!

For Wednesday members of the band will need to do the following:

1. Pick-up their uniform at the end of the school day, or from 4:45-5:15 for anyone who can't get their uniform home after school. Just like home games students are responsible for getting their instrument's to and from the field.

2. Students who are planning on eating dinner at Ridgeview need to do so right away. We will start practicing for Saturday's contest in Tiger Stadium at 6:00.

3. At 7:30 I will end rehearsal and give students time to change into their uniforms. (purple pants.)

4. The performance will end after we run pre game and the show twice!

Info for Friday's Football Game:

1. We will practice Friday 4-6
2. The march to the stadium will occur around 6:45
3. Fall Uniforms! (black socks)
4. No post game

Info for Saturday's Pickerington Band Festival Performance:


Students must provide their own ride home!

4:00 Dress rehearsal @ PHSC (arrive early enough to be on the field at 4)
5:00 Load equipment/change
6:00 Load Buses
7:00 Warm-up
8:00 Performance time


Thank you,

Mr. Stowe